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Biodynamic Farming-what does it mean?

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 13 June 2015
Presenter: Lee Steele

As the adage goes; we are what we eat. So why wouldn’t we pay the upmost attention to where our food is coming from, and what process it goes through before it reaches our plate? A big component of this when dealing with meat is the treatment of the animal throughout its lifetime. One group of farmers in Western Australia’s Southern Forest region is working hard to ensure that they are providing their livestock with the best living conditions possible-but what does this mean for us?

  • Mount Lindesay Ethical Farming Cooperative comprises of Daisybrook Farm, Overbridge Farm, MacMaster Farm and Avonleigh Farm.
  • The method of organic farming encourages minimal use of certain substances and chemicals on crops and produce, restoring and enhancing traditional ecological harmony.
  • Organic farming is rapidly growing at a rate of about 12 per cent a year … it’s fast moving away from its 'niche' industry status and into the mainstream agriculture.