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Truffle Hunting

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 13 June 2015
Presenter: Don Hancey

Humans have always been hunter-gatherers so it’s no surprise we’ve fallen in love with something that requires a fair bit of hunting to find-the truffle! Don checks out Oak Valley Truffles to get the inside scoop on this black gold.

  • Oak Valley Truffles is located in Manjimup, in WA’s Southern Forest region.
  • Truffles are gourmet fungi and grow on the roots of hazelnut and oak trees.
  • Highly trained truffle dogs are used at Oak Valley to sniff out the truffles, but Farm Manager, Fabio, always has the final say as to if the truffles are ready to be harvested.
  • Oak Valley contains 38,000 tress and has been in operation since 2006
  • Truffle season begins each year in early June.
  • Manjimup proves to be an ideal location for truffle growing; it has a Mediterranean climate and rich, Karri soils.
  • Western Australia is the biggest producer of truffles outside of Europe.

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