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Eamon Ruben Bagel

Episode: 3
Broadcast: 27th June 2015
Presenter: Eamon Sullivan

Eamon puts together a delicious Ruben bagel.

Eamon’s Ruben Bagel

- Boiled Bagel
- Thousand Island dressing
- Smoked pastrami
- Sauerkraut
- Swiss cheese
- Pickles

- Black pepper
- Cumin seeds
- Coriander
- Blow torch

Method, smoking your own pastrami:
1) Cure your raw pastrami for ten days to suck out all the moisture.
2) Sprinkle black pepper, cumin seeds and some coriander on the pastrami.
3) Smoke your pastrami for about three hours.

(If process is too long, you can buy smoked pastrami at your local deli or shopping centre.)

1) Cut your boiled bagel in half so you have two pieces to shape like a sandwich.
2) Spread some thousand island dressing along the interiors of both bagel slices.
3) Get your smoked pastrami and slice it into this layers.
4) Assemble your sandwich by putting the pastrami on the bottom.
5) Add some Sauerkraut over the pastrami slices in your sandwich.
6) Slice thin layers of your Swiss cheese and place them in your sandwich.
7) Put your bagel in the over or grill to melt the cheese or otherwise, use a blow torch to melt the cheese.
8) Put the top half of the bagel on top.
9) Finish off by putting your pickles in the centre of the bagel.