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Russell Blaikie Wagyu Beef with Blue Manna Crab

Episode: 4
Broadcast: 3rd July 2015
Presenter: Russell Blaikie

Russell puts together a delicious Wagyu Beef with Blue Manna Crab Remoulade and seared Esperance Scallop.

- Beef Carpaccio (Thinly sliced)
- Fresh Brioche
- Garlic infused Olive Oil
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Sea salt
- Pepper
- Scallops
- Celeriac
- Mayonnaise
- Dijon mustard
- Baby gherkins
- Flat leaf parsley
- Cooked Blue Manna Crab
- (Optional) Herbs of your choice

Making your Garlic Brioche Crumble

1) Get your fresh brioche and grate it into a fry pan.
2) Add some garlic infused olive oil into the brioche crumble.
3) Spread a pinch of sea salt and three twists of pepper into your crumble.
4) Let it cook until the crumble turns a nice brown colour.

Making your Remoulade

1) Take your celeriac and make nice thin slices, take the slices and cut them into fine matchsticks.
2) Place some fresh mayonnaise in a bowl, followed by some Dijon mustard.
3) Slice up baby gherkins and flat leaf parsley as you did with the celeriac, nice thin slices.
4) Combine all your slices and add them into the bowl of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.
5) Add your cooked Blue Manna Crab meat into the bowl and give it a mix.

Preparing your scallops

1) Preheat a fry pan, this can be done as you’re putting together your brioche and remoulade.
2) Once preheated, put in some extra virgin olive oil, followed by your scallops.
3) Only cook the scallops thirty seconds on each side as you only want to serve them semi-raw in the middle.

Putting your dish together

1) Place your raw beef Carpaccio on the plate first, add a pinch of sea salt and two twists of pepper.
2) Add your remoulade on top of the beef.
3) Add your scallops on the top of the remoulade.
4) Top it up with your brioche crumble.
5) If you’ve chosen to use some herbs, add just a small amount on top.
6) Finish off by spreading a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top.