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Making Brioche

Episode: 5
Broadcast: 11 July 2015
Presenter: Daniela & Stefania

Daniela and Stefania get together to bake a delicious nutella brioche.

Nutella Brioche…. With a twist!

- 2 eggs (Free Range)
- 700g plain flour
- 2 sachets yeast
- 45g butter (Must be at room temperature)
- 350g warm milk
- 30g of caster sugar
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 1 tub of 750g nutella. (Warmed in the microwave so that it’s runny)
- Leftover eggs (Brushing on dough for colour)

1) Place the yeast, sugar and salt in warm milk, whisk until combined.
2) Place the flour on a working surface and make a well in the middle. Place the wet, whisked ingredients, butter and eggs in the middle of the well.
3) Bring the flour all together with your hands and knead until you form a smooth dough.
4) Cover it and let it set in a warm place for 30 minutes, it will rise twice its original size.
5) After the dough has risen, divide it into four portions. Use a rolling pin and roll out the first piece of dough into a pizza shape base.
6) Place the pizza shaped dough on a baking tray, covered with non-stick baking paper and spread a layer of warm nutella on it.
7) Repeat this process with the other three portions by rolling them out and layering them on top of each other with nutella in between, excluding the top layer, as it should not have any nutella on top.
8) With a knife, place cuts to section the cake-like dough into 12 slices, leaving a circle shape (the size of a drinking glass) in the middle. Much like a clock face.
9) You should have six sections of two. Grab two slices and twist in the opposite directions and fold the ends together. Do this to the remaining pairs.
10) Leave it to rise for another 30 minutes, brush it with egg wash and then bake for about 25-30 minutes in a hot oven of 180 C.
11) Serve and enjoy this delicious brioche with a twist of nutella!