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Organic Herbs and Vegies

Episode: 8
Broadcast: 8th August 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There’s a blurred line when it comes to looking for organically certified produce. Trevor visits the Swan Valley Nursery on how to know what is organic and what goes into it.

  • For about 10 years, the Swan Valley Nursery has been selling a range of organically grown and fed herbs and vegetables.
  • When it comes to continuing to grow herbs that are organic, it is best to use organically certified products which can be found at your local garden centres.
  • When it comes to pest control, using products such as Yates Dipel is an organic option.
  • Any product containing the NASAA Certified Organic logo or the Australian Certified Organic logo has been inspected by numerous organisations that are accredited by the biosecurity sector of the Department of Agriculture.

Images of certified organic logos:

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