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Scott Bridger’s Lupin Fritters

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 15th August 2015
Presenter: Scott Bridger

Scott Bridger is a West Aussie chef with a passion for all things local, cooking a delicious Lupin Fritter dish using local ingredients.

Preparing Green Oil

- Mint
- Parsley
- Olive Oil

1) Crush mint and parsley into a bowl and pour in some olive oil.
2) Mix all ingredients together until you get a green colour in the olive oil, add more parsley or mint if colour does not appear.
3) Keep your green oil ready for your Lupin Fritters.

Scott’s Lupin Fritters with Poached Eggs & Fresh Granola

- Bag of Lupin Flakes
- Small bowl of water
- Crushed spring onion
- Crushed Chili
- 1 Egg (Or tahini if vegan choice)
- 2 Lemons
- Murray river pink salt (Or standard salt)
- Cooking Oil (Your choice)
- Tomato Chutney
- Smashed Avocado
- Poached Eggs
- Herb Salad
- Small bowl of Granola

1) Pour your Lupin flakes into a mixing bowl, followed by some water to add a bit of moisture to it and mix together to make it soggy.
2) Now add some crushed spring onions, your crushed chili and an egg to bind it together. (If you’re vegan, add tahini) Now mix all together.
3) Add a couple of tablespoons of your green oil to the mix and continue to mix together.
4) Slice both your lemons in half and squeeze it over the mix to add a bit of seasoning and finish it with a touch of murray river pink salt (Or standard salt).
5) Start to make patties out of your mix, once your patties are ready, put them in a pot of hot oil and allow them 2 minutes to cook. While this happens, you can poach your eggs in some hot water.
6) Once your patties are cooked, keep them to the side before plating them. Add some tomato chutney on a plate, followed by a bit of the green oil on the sides and then place your fritters on top of the tomato chutney.
7) Add some smashed avocado on top of your fritters to add a creamy texture, place your poached eggs on top, finally followed by your herb salad and sprinkle some Granola around the plate to add a bit more texture.
8) Serve and enjoy!