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Seafood Chowder (Recipe)

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 15th August 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Jay shows Trevor how to make a signature seafood chowder on the Eco Abrolhos.

Jay’s Seafood Chowder with Freshly Caught Abrolhos Seafood

- Freshly caught Pink Snapper
- Freshly caught Crayfish
- Freshly caught squid
- Butter
- Vegetable Oil
- Finely chopped fennel
- Finely chopped leeks
- Crushed garlic (Optional)
- Chicken Stock
- Potatoes
- Coconut Cream

1) Fillet your pink snapper, cut out the bones and tear off the skin so that you’re only left with the flesh, chop the flesh into cubes and place on a board.
2) Take your crayfish and pull the tail around in a screw like motion and pull the tail off. Lay the tail flat and chop down into the exoskeleton with your knife, pull out the crayfish meat and chop the flesh into chunky bits and add to the fish.
3) Cut off the squid head, just below the eyes. Pull everything out all of the inedible stuff (Beak & Gladius), pull out the mantle from its skin (Squid meat) and lay it out. Cut into small cubes as you did with the fish and add to the crayfish and fish meat.
4) Place a pot over a stove and add half a tub of butter into the pot, followed by a generous pouring of vegetable oil to keep the butter from burning.
5) Take your finely chopped fennel and leaks and pour them into the pot, add crushed garlic for extra flavour and pour in your chicken stock into the mix, allow it to heat up.
6) Add chopped potatoes into the mix and allow the whole mix to cook until the potatoes go soft.
7) Place you’re your mix into another pot and allow it to blend together, once blended, pour it back into a hot pot, it should look like a stew, now.
8) Throw in all of your fish, crayfish and squid meat into the stew and mix, add a cup of coconut cream into the mix and stir.
9) Continue to stir and cook for another three to five minutes, and serve into a bowl. Enjoy!