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Lobster with Salad - 2 recipes

Episode: Our State on a Plate Royal Show Special
Broadcast: 27th September 2015
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos, Rhys Jones, Don Hancey, Scott Bridger

Rhys Jones recipe: WA Lobster, Carrot and Fennel Salad with Blood Orange

- Lobster
- Salt
- Orange Liqueur
- Olive Oil
- Fennel
- Blood Orange
- Chicken Stock
- Dill/chives
- White Balsamic
- Carrot
- Cumin seed (Toasted)

1) Blanch lobster quickly, refresh then split tail and remove flesh.
2) Reserve meat in the same pot and blanch some of the baby carrot, then refresh for ten minutes.
3) Segment one blood orange, shave one fennel, shave one carrot, pick carrot tops and place them into ice water reserve whilst the lobster and carrots are blanching.
4) Smash bone and roast shell in a pan with butter, add fennel pieces, shallot and carrot. Deglaze with the orange liqueur and chicken stock; leave to simmer then strain.
5) Take another pan and lightly roast the carrots with cumin in butter, add some of the lobster meat, deglaze with a little of the lobster juice from before, make sure to remove it from the heat.
6) When the pan has cooled slightly, add the segments and a good squeeze of blood orange juice and some olive oil, chopped dill and chive. Adjust with white balsamic.
7) Arrange the warm lobster tail on the plate with shaved salad and the juices from the pan.

Don Hancey recipe: Aussie BBQ Boil and Grill

- Lobster
- Salt
- Pork
- Chilli Oil
- Peppercorn
- Sage
- Apples
- Karri Honey Whiskey
- Butter
- Cream
- Lime

1) Add salt in water. Boil lobster for 5 to 6 minutes.
2) Marinade with chilli oil, crushed peppercorn and sage. Drizzle oil on the barbeque or flatplate and place the pork on the grill. Slice some apples, drizzle them with the chilli oil and place them on the grill as well.
3) Take the lobster out and plunge them in some ice or chilled water. Take the meat out from the shell and roughly chop the lobster meat.
4) Place the lobster meat in a pan and add butter in it. Pour the karri honey whiskey into the pan, flame it and add a touch of cream.
5) Plate the lobster meat on top of the lobster shell on a wooden board and drizzle the sauce on top.
6) Slice the pork and put it in a pan with a squeeze of lime. Place the charred apples on a plate, add the pork on top and drizzle the sauce to finish up.

Scott Bridger recipe: Butter Poached Lobster and Gascoyne Salad

- Lobster
- Salt
- Butter
- Grappa
- Tomatoes
- Onions
- Olive Oil
- Thyme
- Lupin Flake
- Garlic-infused Olive Oil
- Zucchini Flowers

1) Poach lobsters in water for about two minutes. Emulsify butter in a pan. Take the lobsters out and take the meat out of the shell. Add salt to the butter in the pan and poach the lobster tails for about 10 minutes
2) Peel and cut onions. Drizzle olive oil in a pan. Add the onions, thyme and lobster shells into the pan to create the sauce for the dish. Flambe the pan with the grappa.
3) Drizzle the garlic-infused olive oil in a pan and add the lupin flake to create a crumb.
4) Strain the sauce and put the sauce back in a pan. Blanch the zucchini flowers and tomatoes in the sauce.
5) Place the blanched vegetables on the plate first and put the butter poached lobster tail on top of the vegetables. Pour some grappa sauce on top of it and garnish with the lupin crumb.