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Illegal Tender

Story: Illegal Tender
Airdate: Ep 3, 12 May 2019
Presenter: Stuart Laws

Did you know that Rum used to be Australia’s unofficial currency? Stuart travels up to the Midwest to Illegal Tender, a rum distillery in Dongara, where they produce 100% Australian rum.

  • Just 4 hours north of Perth CBD is a world class rum distillery, Illegal Tender.
  • Did you know, rum needs to be barrel-aged for 2 years before it can be called ‘rum’? Illegal Tender is a young and fresh company who have been distilling for only 3 years, which means its only legally been rum for 12 months!
  • Illegal Tender uses dark brown sugar and rain water giving their rum a distinctive and unique quality.
  • They also double distil their rum in a nice long and slow process making for a top-quality final product!
  • It then sits in the barrel for two years before its bottled and ready to sip.
  • Not only do they make rum, but they also make beautiful cane spirits. 1808 Barely Legal and Spiced.
  • 1808 Barely Legal won the Bronze in 2018’s World Rum Awards.
  • Spiced has 20 different spices, 5 of which are bush tucker ingredients.
  • A small batch producer, the team only craft 3000 bottles a month, making each bottle a collector’s edition!
  • Fancy buying a bottle for your next dinner party? Stuart recommends you pair the award-winning Spiced with cured kangaroo and quandong chutney.
  • You can purchase your own Illegal Tender directly from their website. Or better yet, take a trip up north and see the distillery for yourself, grabbing a bottle while you’re there!