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Yacón: the more you eat, the more you lose!

Story: Yacón: the more you eat, the more you lose!
Airdate: Ep 3, 12 May 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

What if we told you there’s a plant you can grow at home in your own garden, and the more of it you ate the healthier you’d get? Trevor introduces you to the yacón and its many benefits.

  • The Yacón: the more you eat, the more you lose!  That’s right, this plant helps you lose weight and the more of it you consume, the more you’ll lose.
  • Yacón, or the ground apple, is a miracle plant from South America. It’s a member of the sunflower family and all the action happens below the soil.
  • The roots are full of a fibre that’s slow to be digested meaning that it builds up in your tummy, building a better biome, giving you more good bacteria.
  • Even better, the yacón is sweet to the taste! The sweetness is from a non-soluble sugar that doesn’t go into your blood stream but rather binds with other sugars and takes it out: lowering your blood sugar level!
  • If you add 40g of yacón to your diet daily, you’ll lose about 1kg a month until your body reaches its equilibrium.
  • You can buy yacón syrup at your local health food shop or grow it in your garden; it loves WA soil!
  • Try it fresh, it tastes just like a cross between an apple and a carrot.