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Sun City Produce

Story: Sun City Produce
Airdate: Ep 3, 12 May 2019
Presenter: Peter Manifis

Did you know that one of the biggest growers in Australia is based in Geraldton? Peter travels up to visit Sun City Produce and learns all about their best-farming practices and gets a taste of their mom’s fresh spring rolls.

  • A Vietnamese family owned farm, Sun City has been growing for the past 25 years, overcoming hurdles along the way.
  • The sons of the family travelled the world to learn about best-farming practices before returning to Geraldton with greater ways to bring us better, healthier produce.
  • And the research paid off! Their capsicum and cucumber plants are all laden with fruit!
  • At Sun City they use the latest in farming technology to get the best produce possible. They even have sensors in the soil that let them know exactly what the plant needs. This allows the fruit to be of the highest quality!
  • Sun City also has a unique and environmentally friendly take on pest management which they picked up on their travels. They use good bugs to control bad bugs! They release good bugs into the environment who eat the bad bugs and keep the plant strong and healthy. This method has reduced
    pesticide by 90%!
  • Sun City produces over 100 thousand cucumbers of two varieties year-round, the only farm in town to be doing this.
  • Sun City supplies their local grocers and also does home deliveries, bringing you the best of the day’s picks!
  • The remainder of their produce goes to Canning Vale wholesale markets, so look for their produce at your local grocer.
  • Pete recommends a nice Chinese salad to pair with fresh Vietnamese spring rolls as the perfect use for these delicious capsicums and cucumbers!