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Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

Story: Probiotics vs. Prebiotics
Airdate: Ep 4, 19 May 2019
Presenter: Dr. Shy Vishnumohan

There’s been a huge interest in gut health recently, which has an enormous impact on our everyday health. Dr Shy looks at the trend of probiotics and gives some tips on keeping your biome happy and healthy.

  • Research into gut health and the nurturing of healthy bacteria is something we are just starting to explore. But marketing is speeding ahead of science and probiotic supplements and powders are hitting the shelves!
  • The theory behind the probiotics is great: adding it to your diet to build up healthy bacteria in the gut. However, research doesn’t yet show if the intended result is an actuality!
  • Dr Shy says that prebiotics might be a better way to maintain gut health!
  • Prebiotics is nourishing the good bacteria you already have with certain foods that they like. Like humans, your bacteria have food preferences! Try fibre-rich foods, it’s their favourite.
  • Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, and nuts will keep your biome happy.
  • Think of it this way: probiotics is like sowing the seeds of the garden and prebiotics is like watering and fertilising your seeds to grow and nourish.