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Mind Enhancers

Story: Mind Enhancers
Airdate: Ep 5, 26 May 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If what we eat effects the way our body functions, then it’s not too far to suggest that food could be used to heal us. Trevor shows us how eating certain herbs could help keep your mind sharp.

  • Herbs have a reputation for having a number of nutritional benefits.
  • Did you know there are a collection of herb species to grow in your garden, that are said to have a great impact on the mind?
  • Rosemary contains a plant phytochemical that sits inside the leaves of the plant which is believed to stimulate brain function and help with memory. Thyme, Sweet Marjoram and Peppermint have similar effects.
  • Try a delicious and refreshing peppermint tea, by lightly crushing the leaves and steeping them in hot water for 2 minutes. This recipe has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East as a relaxant and mind clearer!
  • Feeling forgetful? You can also add the ancient plant Brahmi to your tea to assist with memory improvement.
  • Look for Swan Valley Herbs at your local home and garden centre or fresh at your local farmers market or grocer.