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Plantagenet Pork

Story: Plantagenet Pork
Airdate: Ep 6, 2 June 2019
Presenter: Stuart Laws

Did you know that one of the best pork growing regions in Australia is right here in WA? Stuart heads south to meet the team of Plantagenet Pork, who make animal welfare and sustainability the top of their priorities!

  • Just 3 hours south of Perth is the spectacular Great Southern region; well known for being clean and green.
  • It also happens to be the perfect climate for pigs with its lower temperatures and humidity. Situated right amongst the rolling hills of the Stirling Ranges is the shire of Plantagenet, known for growing the highest quality of free-range pork.
  • Plantagenet Pork is a WA family-owned company who make their pigs their primary importance.
  • The pigs on Plantagenet farms are all raised in their family social groups, free to roam the land and not locked up in stalls. This means all Plantagenet pigs are happy, healthy pigs.
  • Herman D’Souza, the executive chef for Plantagenet, can’t recommend pork enough. It’s extremely versatile, high in iron, has great nutritional value, and retains its flavour in the cooking process!
  • Plantagenet offer a wide variety of free-range options including: pork mince, pork steaks, and pork belly roast.
  • The best part? They’ve done all the hard-work for you with their new product range. They’ve released Italian-style pork meatballs and pork & apple burgers.
  • The meat is so good, there’s not much more that needs to be done to it! Just some herbs & spices and salt & pepper and you’re ready to go!
  • On top of all that, you can substitute pork for any beef recipe out there!
  • Plantagenet Pork also won the 2018 Perth Royal Gold Award for their Salt & Black Pepper Pork Belly Roast.
  • You can pick up Plantagenet Pork at your local grocers all around WA!