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Healthy for your Kidneys, Healthy for your Liver

Story: Healthy for your Kidneys, Healthy for your Liver
Airdate: Ep 6, 2 June 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There are so many edible plants that you can grow in your garden that can benefit your health. Trevor gives you a great tip on which ones are great from healthy liver and kidney function!

  • Trevor recommends his “kitchen detox collection” which are incredibly good for your kidneys and liver, keeping them nice and healthy and flushing them of impurities.
  • Parsley, Nasturtium, Watercress and Horseradish and incredibly good for your blood health, giving your body a natural detox.
  • Try growing horseradish in your home garden and add it to your favourite winter roast.
  • Simple wash the roots, the shred them and blend them up with some sour cream for the ultimate zesty condiment.
  • Did you know that horseradish the base for most western wasabi? We can’t grow wasabi naturally over here, so we substitute with our own spicy root plant.
  • Have you heard of Gotu Kola? Sometimes known as the arthritis herb, it’s great for blood health and has also been said to relieve pain from some types of arthritis. Try adding 2 leaves into your next salad!
  • Look for these herbs in your local garden centre and happy gardening!