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Swan Valley Mushrooms

Segment: Swan Valley Mushrooms
Episode: S3E2
Presenter: Peter Manifis
Air Date: 17th November 2019

Mushrooms are packed with fantastic health properties, and there are a number of exotic varieties that can bring interesting textures, colours and flavours to your table.

  • Located in the heart of Gidgegannup, Swan Valley Mushrooms are growing 9 different varieties of mushroom – depending on the season, with some preffering the warmer weather.
  • King Mushrooms are quite fleshy and meaty. They are quite similar to scallops - you can chop the stem into thin chunks.
  • The mushrooms are grown in a cool, damp environment, with a little bit of light. While white mushrooms tend to grow in the dark, for other mushrooms light can be a trigger, with more light meaning more colour.
  • David Proudmore has been growing mushrooms for around 15 years. He and a friend started growing mushrooms in 2 cells of the Fremantle Prison, before renting a place in Swan Valley, and eventually settling in their current location.
  • Some mushrooms, such as king and oyster, grow well on barley or wheat straw waste, and take about a month to grow. Some, like shiitakes, only grow on wood, taking about 3-4 months to grow.
  • Swan Valley Mushrooms sell grow packs for you to take home – it can be really exciting watching the mushrooms double in size each day.
  • Reishi mushrooms can be boiled in a tea. It helps to aid ailments, with the Chinese having used it for around 5000 years.
  • Lionsmane mushrooms are a relatively new cultivated mushroom. It is being tested in the US as a potential Alzheimer’s treatment – it has been proven to regrow damaged nerve endings in the brain.
  • Mushrooms are packed with beneficial nutrients, such as Vitamin B and B12, and are low in carbs, salt and fat.
  • You can pick up Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi at Manning, Kalamunda and Mt Claremont farmers markets.