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Foraging at Roadside Stalls

Segment: Foraging at Roadside Stalls
Episode: S3E2
Presenter: Caroline Taylor
Air Date: 17th November 2019

It feels great to be able to support local growers and producers, and there are some fantastic roadside stalls peppering the Swan Valley.

  • Our bodies are designed to eat for taste, enjoying all the nutritional benefits of a ripe fruit or vegetable.
  • When eating locally, we not only get to enjoy flavour benefits, we get the added bonus of supporting small growers who can supply us with the very best quality spray-free, biodynamic or organic produce.
  • Marja Keller and her husband run Kellers B&B. With Marja coming from a Croatian family, and her husband being Swiss, they’ve always had access to fresh food, and are finding there is a greater demand for fresh, seasonally picked produce.
  • Kellers B&B chickens are all free range, producing eggs with a yolk that is beautiful and orange, and full of flavour.
  • Road-side stalls are sparking life back into the co-op style of shopping, with a focus on building the relationship between the customer and the grower.
  • Ann-Marie, co-owner of Swan Sisters, is driven by the community. She loves being able to provide fresh produce to, and get to know the customers of the store.