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Meat Smoking

Segment: Meat Smoking
Episode: S3E3
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 24th November 2019

Housed within the Swan Settler’s Markets, Gryphon Smokehouse offers some of the best BBQ you could home to find in Perth.

  • Gryphon Smokehouse is an award-winning Kansas City Barbeque Society competition cook team.
  • Pitmasters Dan and Greg have extensive experience cooking and competing throughout the US, including in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky and Illinois.
  • Gryphon Smokehouse uses an Ole Hickory Wood Fired Smoker Oven, imported from Missouri - It has a 20-shoulder capacity.
  • The award-winning pork ribs have the membrane removed from the back, helping to avoid the ribs being too chewy. They are covered in a seasoning made up of paprika, chili, garlic, onion powder, nutmeg and cinnamon. The sugar in this helps the meat sweat, breaking down the proteins in the cooking process.
  • While decent barbeques used to only be available in the US, you can now buy your own smoker at your local Bunnings.
  • To smoke your own meats, make sure you find a good butcher and pick up some good quality produce.
  • WA’s BBQ community is full of great pitmakers and butchers, and there are courses available for people to learn how to smoke meat.