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Funk Cider

Segment: Funk Cider
Episode: S3E3
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 24th November 2019

West Aussies are always hungry for the next best venue, and the Swan Valley’s Funk Cider may just be that one.

  • Funk Cider is known for its cider innovation, offering a range of fantastic flavours.
  • The Michaels Brothers have always been passionate about fresh produce. They started out making cold pressed juices before naturally transitioning into the cider industry.
  • Their cider house has been in operation since 2016, and is home to a restaurant serving gourmet food, all sourced from local producers.
  • The on-site Viking Beer Hall used to be a storage room for wines that didn’t quite make the cut. When Funk Cider took over the venue, they renovated to give it more of a Viking feel.
  • The way that the cider is brewed is what really sets Funk Cider apart from its competition. Their fruit is sourced locally, and the brewers focus on getting a funky yeast and a solid fermentation.
  • Whereas beer has a big brew at the start and less time in the tank, cider stays in the tank for longer – around 10-14 days.
  • The cider here is preservative free, gluten free and downright delicious.