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Stone Fruit WA

Segment: Stone Fruit WA
Episode: S3E7
Presenter: Caroline Taylor
Air Date: 22nd December 2019

WA stone fruit season kicks off in November and goes right through until May, giving us the best quality juicy sweet flesh to indulge in over the festive season.

  • The variety of local stone fruit available over summer allows for a range of uses from eating fresh, cooking on the BBQ with seafood, additions to salads, baked into desserts or put fresh with a fruit salad or pavlova.
  • Devoting his life to growing and breeding some of the most outstanding stone fruit around is Tom Price, a 3rd generation farmer. His property, the Illawarra Orchard, has been growing stone fruit since the 1890s.
  • Once the fruit is picked, it goes to the packing shed and is then sent to the shelves within 24hrs.
  • Many areas produce stone fruit in WA at different times of the year, starting from Carnarvon to then continue down to Gingin, the Perth Hills and the South West.
  • Supporting local growers like Tom is easy: just look out for the “Buy West Eat Best” stickers on the fruit and you’re good to go!