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Mt Barker Chicken

Segment: Mt Barker Chicken
Episode: S3E7
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 22nd December 2019

Mt Barker Chicken (MBC) is a family owned WA company who pioneered free range chicken farming in our state.

  • Mt Barker chickens live in a stress-free environment. The natural growing conditions give them superior taste and muscle texture without any need for antibiotics.
  • Sustainability of the land is also very important for this company. All Mt Barker farms practice eco diversity, which provides an interesting environment for the chickens to roam in while at the same time protecting the land’s nutrients.
  • Karen Reid, Head of Quality and Product Development, explains that they have created their Added Value range and the already cooked products for the ultimate healthy convenience foods. There is a wide variety of cuts and flavours to suit everyone.
  • The Product Development Team members always come up with new ideas, but they also get inspiration from restaurants, food blogs, gourmet magazines and international travels.
  • The in-house chef creates the recipe prototype and then food technologists make it happen in the factory. The goal is to make it as close to a home recipe with a genuine taste.
  • Local WA ingredients are used whenever possible.
  • Stuart suggests an easy recipe on the go, the Chicken Caesar roll: spread 1 tablespoon of Caesar sauce and ½ avocado on a fresh roll, then add cos lettuce, bacon, and an already cooked Mt Barker chicken breast… super quick and tasty!