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Tracy Vo’s Thit Kho

Segment: Tracy Vo’s Thit Kho
Episode: S3E8
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 29th December 2019


  • 500g boneless pork belly
  • 50g white sugar
  • 1 litre young coconut water
  • 60ml fish sauce
  • 3 spring onions, white part only
  • Salt
  • ½ tsp finely ground white pepper
  • 3 red bird’s eye chilies
  • 1 bunch Chinese broccoli
  • Sesame oil
  • Light soy sauce
  • Crispy shallots
  • Baguette


  • Chop up the pork belly into chunks
  • Turn on the stove, pour in the sugar and add the water to caramelise.
  • Take the stalks of the spring onion and bash them.
  • Add the pork belly to the caramel – watch for it spitting and reduce the heat.
  • Add a litre of coconut water. Add a quarter cup of fish sauce, then leave it for an hour and a half to simmer. Keep the lid off.
  • 10 minutes into the simmer, add the spring onions.
  • Add 3 chillies, then serve in a bowl.
  • Take your boiled Chinese broccoli, add some soy sauce and sesame oil. Sprinkle fried shallots over the top.
  • Slice the baguette and serve.