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A City with European Flair

Story: A City with European Flair
Episode: 2
Presenter: Blake Proud
Air Date: 4th October 2020

While international travel is currently on hold, you don’t have to travel far to taste some international delights.

  • With the CBD as a backdrop, Subiaco is perfectly situated and brimming with vibrancy. Named after Subiaco in Italy, this little slice of heaven has kept its European influence in more ways than one.
  • George’s Meze brings a slice of Santorini to the heart of Subiaco. When you walk in, you’ll be swept away by the blue and white island vibes, and the delightful Greek eats to match.
  • George’s Meze is known for its friendly staff, great cocktail menu, authentic bites and excellent ambiance.
  • On the west end of Subiaco, Lady of Ro is a Mediterranean inspired eatery with a passion for chargrilling. With a gorgeous alfresco, it’s an idyllic spot to pull up for a bite to eat.
  • Lady of Ro focuses on providing fresh, locally sourced food. The West Coast Octopus, fished out of Fremantle, is absolutely incredible.
  • Bistro Felix is known for its incredible wine list, while Petit Mort for its classic French offerings. If you’re looking for Italian, you can’t go better than Piccolo Trattoria, The Corner Italian or Woodpeckers.
  • A Subiaco staple for over 20 years, Woodpeckers is famous for their woodfired pizzas and house made pizza dough.
  • The ingredients for the pizza dough are all sourced from Italy, and the pizza is left to rest for 48 hours.
  • For a uniquely European experience, head out to Subiaco.

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