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Consumer Needs

Series: Our State On A Plate

Story: Consumer Needs
Episode: 4
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 18th October 2020

Stuart visits Mount Barker Chicken to learn about how they are accommodating their consumer’s changing needs in this turbulent time.

  • Mount Barker Free Range Chicken is a local, family-owned company that pioneered free-range farming in Western Australia.
  • All of their chickens are reared in the Mount Barker region, where they’re given access to a massive range area that they are free to roam.
  • Like consumers, Mount Barker Chicken value authenticity. They ensure their chickens are let out every day for the longest possible amount of time.
  • The manure out of the chicken sheds is composted and used on their farms, reducing the need for artificial chemicals and fertilisers.
  • As the business has grown, Mount Barker Chicken has partnered with more family-owned farms in the area.
  • These farms are blessed with good soil types, plenty of space and a climate that is conducive to free-range birds.
  • Their chickens are not only happy but they’re healthy too, meaning there’s no need for antibiotics.

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