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Big Rigz Burger Co.

Story: Big Rigz Burger Co.
Episode: 5
Presenter: Blake Proud
Air Date: 1st November 2020

Big Rigz Burger Co. is making waves in the Perth burger scene. Blake stops by to find out what makes their burgers so mouth-wateringly delicious.

  • Big Rigz are making burgers using ingredients that you wouldn’t normally in the average burger.
  • Co-owners David Thompson and Brett Dorey met while working offshore on the rigs up north.
  • Both had a passion for burgers, eventually deciding to give up the FIFO life and open Big Rigz in 2018.
  • Big Rigz work closely with local farmers and producers to make sure they have the freshest, highest-quality produce
  • Several items on their menu feature fermented and pickled products, which lend themselves to a nice deep flavour.
  • Their Korean King burger consists of gochujang mayo, kimchi, Korean sauce, fried chicken, American cheddar, streaky bacon, pickled daikon, pickles, jalapeños and Big Rigz burger sauce.
  • Big Rigz is big on supporting their local community and local businesses.
  • They have a winning combination of great food, great service and some awesome feature artwork by local artists.
  • If you’re after an awesome burger with an Asian twist, then Big Rigz is the place for you.