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Green Leafy Veg Benefits

Story: Julie Meek – Green Leafy Veg Benefits
Episode: 3
Presenter: Julie Meek
Air Date: 25th April 2021

Many parents would find themselves saying ‘eat your greens’ fairly regularly. Julie reveals why your dinner plate is not complete without a green vegetable.

  • The RPH Research Foundation have found that compounds, Nitrate and Vitamin K1 are particularly beneficial, in age related decline and muscle strength and decreasing your risks in falls.
  • Nitrate has been recognised by the International Olympic Committee as a supplement to improve athletic performance
  • Vitamin K1 has a role to play in terms of strength of bones and the higher your vitamin K1 intake the better your bone metabolism is.
  • A serve of green leafy vegetables a day can improve your lower limb strength and your physical function, ie. your walking speed.