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Perth’s Pizzas: Mack Daddy’s

Story: Perth’s Pizzas: Mack Daddy’s
Episode: 4
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos
Air Date: 1 May 2021

If you’re looking for quality New York-style pizza, there’s no need to get on a plane. You can find it right here in Perth.

  • Mack Daddy’s is a premiere New York-style pizza joint that opened up in the heart of Mt Lawley in 2016.
  • They have a family-friendly atmosphere with fresh ingredients, great cocktails and really good vibes.
  • Big Tony’s Pepperoni is Mack Daddy’s most popular pizza. They tasted about 25-30 cured meats before deciding upon the topping.
  • They use a lot of West Australian produce, working with local meat suppliers like Morley Continental Meats and Effy’s Gourmet Chicken.
  • Mack Daddy’s also serves a lot of local spirits, beers and wines.
  • Their Bloody Sunday Bottomless Pizza Lunch is well worth a visit. Think bottomless Bloody Marys, Espresso Martinis, bubbles, beer, wine and delicious pizza.