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Roast Pork Shoulder With Pumpkin Puree & Asparagus

Story: Roast Pork Shoulder With Pumpkin Puree & Asparagus
Episode: 4
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 2 May 2021


1 square cut pork shoulder
1 cup salt
1 bunch sage

1 Hokkaido pumpkin
1 brown onion
100g butter

2 bunch asparagus
¼ cup currants
¼ cup pine nuts
200ml cider vinegar
2tbsp honey
200ml olive oil


  • Bring 2L of water to the boil
  • Score pork using a Stanley knife
  • Pour boiling water over pork and pat dry
  • Pour ½ of the vinegar over pork and rub into skin
  • Leave in fridge overnight uncovered
  • Pre-heat oven to 100 degrees
  • Rub salt over pork
  • Place pork on top of sage and put in oven with pumpkin, roast for 5 hrs
  • Remove pumpkin and scrape out seeds
  • Turn heat up to 240 degrees, roast for 20 mins or until full crackle
  • Remove and allow to rest for 10 mins before carving
  • Melt butter and sweat off onions, add pumpkin and puree, season to taste
  • Warm vinegar and add to currants
  • Toast pine nuts
  • Mix pine nuts, currants, honey and ½ the olive oil
  • Prepare asparagus by cutting off the base and peeling the skin
  • Heat a pan and add asparagus and ½ the olive oil
  • Drain and plate up