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Pardoo Station

Story: Pardoo Station
Episode: 5
Presenter: Alejandro Saravia
Air Date: 9 May 2021

Uma’s Exec Chef Alejandro Saravia heads about 1750 kilometres north of Perth where there is a little secret that’s making big waves in the beef industry.

  • Like other chefs’, for Alejandro, it’s extremely important to know where the food they are giving their guests comes from. At Uma and Ten Acre Block, Alejandro only uses local produce from local farmers and producers right here in WA.
  • Pardoo Beef Corporation has made headlines for bringing the beef industry to the Pilbara and tapping into the regions water sources for a sustainable operation.
  • In 2014, Bruce Cheung brought his vision of raising world class cattle to life through purchasing Pardoo Station. Since then, he has put 75 million dollars into the WA economy!
  • By developing water infrastructure to grow year‑round feed, PBC has created an alternative to the region’s traditional model of turning cattle off native pastures for live export from which neighboring pastoralists can benefit.
  • Pardoo Beef Corporation innovative irrigation system provides perennial pastures for the Wagyu cattle.
  • They also work closely with the local indigenous communities as part of their overall vision and have expanded their farms to stations in the Kimberley.

For more info about the innovative work of Pardoo Beef Corporation, visit: