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708 Gin

Story: 708 Gin
Episode: 7
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 10 October 2021

Stuart Laws visits a distillery that is owned by one of Australia’s best cricketers who is putting his own spin on gin.

  • The SevenZeroEight Gin Collection was founded by international sportsman, Shane Warne, is produced in Fremantle district of Western Australia.
  • Shane Warne, wanted a brand name personal to him. Known as the “King of Spin” for his game-changing bowling technique, Warne achieved a record-breaking 708 wickets in his Test career, an important number for the world of cricket and now the brand name for the collection.
  • The local distillery sources the ingredients from local and sustainable ingredients and practices a modern distilling process that requires a minimum of one month to produce a perfectly balanced, ultra-smooth finished product.
  • 708’s CLASSIC 43% Gin has won both gold and silver awards internationally.
  • 708 also makes a light 23% Mid-Strength gin that is very popular with first-time gin drinkers.

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