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Wine Tips

Story: Wine Tips
Episode: Episode 2
Presenter: Erin Larkin
Air Date: 24th April 2022

  • 2019 Picardy Pinot Noir from Pemberton, which goes hand in hand with the Duck tacos from the menu at the HQ bar.
  • Hoisin braised pulled duck, Chinese taco, Vietnamese slaw, sour cream, coriander, chili, lime
  • 2019 in Pemberton was cool and very good – certainly in the context of Picardy it was excellent.
  • On the nose this has classic black cherry, strawberry and green olive tapenade.
  • The herbs run to the bay leaf, sage end of the spectrum, while the acidity provides a burst of life and energy on the palate.
  • As always, with the Picardy house style, this is structural and shapely, defined by chalky tannins.
  • The trick to matching pinot and duck is twofold – the richness, and compatibility to sweetness, that is inherent in duck, syncs with the cherry spice and fine boned tannins in the pinot.
  • In this case, the salty spice of the hoisin in this dish basically insists on the silky, red fruits and exotic spice of the pinot. They’re the perfect match.