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Kitchen Craftsmen

Story: Kitchen Craftsmen
Episode: Episode 2
Presenter: Cassandra Charlick
Air Date: 24th April 2022


  • Kitchen Craftsmen sell a wide range of benchtops in both engineered stone, laminate and Dekton (there are display stands and sample blocks of all the colors in the showroom – Osborne Park has a room dedicated to samples of benches, doors, handles etc).
  • Warranty is up to 25 years depending on the product
  • Kitchen Craftsmen use 3D modeling and photography to create the benchtop template once the cabinetry is installed and then custom craft the pieces required to install for a perfect finish.

A great one to feature in more detail if required would be Dekton:

  • a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to create the highest quality quartz work surfaces, together with the latest in glass and porcelain.
  • What makes Dekton so perfect for an outdoor setting? Well, for a start it’s highly resistant to UV light, will not fade or degrade over time, and is completely stain proof. Yep, even the most stubborn coffee, wine or rust stains are no match for this bad boy.

Even better, Dekton can withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking, meaning you can put hot objects directly onto the benchtop without fear of damage.

Cabinetry and doors/drawers

  • A range of materials and finishes are available, from high gloss to matte
  • Options include square edge, acrylic, vinyl wrapped, painted, lacquered and even solid timber.
  • The finishes and profiles are not only limited to what is on display, custom doors can be designed and created to fit client requirements.
  • The doors or draw fronts are often the most visible part of the kitchen.
  • Doors also help integrate appliances for a consistent design.

Handles can change the look of a kitchen and many clients are opting for no handles if they want a minimalist finish.


  • The most functional kitchens have power accessible on every surface but often clients don’t want these on their splashback or benchtops. Hidden power is an innovative way to provide common sense inclusions. The pop-up benchtop power options can also include wireless charging on top. Or for an option using less space under the benchtop, the push to open power points also gives you added function.
  • Lighting can be installed underneath overhead cabinets, built into open shelving and even along the kickboards. Cooler lighting can calm a space and add to a minimalist style, warmer lighting fits well into a country style kitchen or an area that does not have access to enough natural light.
  • Lighting can be triggered by sensor or switch and also tailored to focus on a small area to help with food preparation or light up larger areas.

Storage options and awkward spaces

  • It used to be that you would need to get down on the floor or lean into corner cupboards to reach the back but Hafele (I will get pronunciation guide for this Hay-Philly) solutions help you get into hidden spaces and use your kitchen to its full potential.
  • Butlers’ pantries are increasingly popular.
  • Other innovative storage solutions include:
    • Pull out soft close pantry shelving.
    • Vertical storage for spices or other pantry items.
    • Hidden waste areas help to keep the kitchen clean and pest-free.
    • Pull down shelves.

Australians love our appliance cupboards, perfect for the toaster, kettle and air-fryer.

Design and Function

  • The first step on a kitchen renovation journey is a design appointment. An experienced Kitchen Craftsmen designer will spend time discussing the way you use your kitchen, how you’d like it to FEEL and the materials or colors that fit your styling interests.
  • The debate of doors versus drawers is decided here.
  • Some things that people don’t often consider prior to this discussion are how wide they would like the space between their bench and island, can they access power from all areas and how will the height of their appliances impact their benchtop height.
  • The designer will prepare a floor plan as well as a render to show the color selections and help clients to see how their new kitchen will look.
  • Often when meeting with a client that is building a new home or extension, suggestions in the design discussion will impact window or door placement as well as flow of the living areas.

Custom made here in WA

  • Kitchen Craftsmen employ over one hundred skilled team members who help design, plan, build and install our kitchens
  • We use primarily Australian made materials and we are focused on supporting apprentices and skills growth of our team members.

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