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Wine Tips

Story: Wine Tips
Episode: Episode 4
Presenter: Erin Larkin
Air Date: 8th May 2022

  • The Swinney Grenache, 2020 Frankland River which goes hand in hand with the Salmon Tataki with marinated peas, cauliflower, spiced goats’ cheese, bonito flakes, shaved fennel.
  • Grenache, no matter where it is from, often has a raspberry, red liquorice, red currant character to the fruit. It is sweet and delicious, but it can also have muscular, strong tannins.
  • In the case of this 2020 Swinney definitely decant it even just out of the bottle and back in again – because the air will help to unlock those tannins and reveal the gorgeous fruit.
  • The sweet raspberry character is going to play across all of the salty, umami characters in this dish: the tataki, the bonito flakes, and even the goat’s cheese, while the shaved fennel is going to play straight into the floral characters of the fruit in this wine.
  • Grenache is such a brilliant food match, because it has concentration of flavor - often without the sway and heft of full-bodied weight in the mouth – it has sweetness of fruit, and above all else, it has texture, which, once you match flavors in food and wine, texture is the next big thing.