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Story: Ovant
Episode: Episode 4
Presenter: Georgia Moore
Air Date: 8th May 2022

  • Ovant was created to meet that demand without compromise. Bringing all of the craft, passion and talent that you find in the creation of the best alcoholic drinks to the world of zero alcohol.
  • They draw their inspiration from the talent and world class products made in their home, Margaret River.
  • The Ovant team brings world class Australian talent to fore. Christopher Bothwell was previously the head sommelier at 3 Michelin starred Alan Ducasse at the Dorchester in London and has spent nearly 20 years working at some of the best restaurants in Australia, Europe and Asia.
  • Elizabeth Reed is an accomplished and nationally regarded boutique winemaker based in Margaret River who has made wine on three continents.
  • Ovant delivers truly original alternatives to alcohol, not pale imitations of alcoholic originals. Removing alcohol from the equation opens up a world of flavor possibilities that allows for the creation of stunning and innovative drinks.
  • These are not soft drinks but an entirely new class of sophisticated, complex, adult drinks.
  • Providing three different distillations, Grace, Verve and Royal, are hand made in small batches using our custom designed still.
  • Unlike many others there is no alcohol or sugar used in any part of our process. These are truly clean, natural products. Grace is wonderful served with tonic, Verve is an aperitif beautiful on its own or with soda water and Royal can be had neat or with a splash of dry ginger ale.
  • Ovant have partnered with and are served at some of the best restaurants in Australia and around the world. We’ve created more than 70 different no/lo cocktails that let you bring the amazing flavors and experiences of Ovant into your home.

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