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Lobster Shack

Story: Lobster Shack
Episode: Episode 4
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 8th May 2022

  • Lobster Shack is a venue that can welcome up to 700 guests, in a prime waterfront location on the coast of Cervantes.
  • They pride themselves on their pot-to-plate, fresh as you can get menu including the very best Western Australian rock lobster, that was caught from the Indian Ocean.
  • Lobster Shack is Western Australian owned and operated and has been a family business from the very beginning.
  • David Thompson began this family dynasty living out of a coastal shack settlement in the 60s with his three sons driving his boat ‘Sea Tips’ and fishing for the finest Western Australian rock lobster.
  • Nowadays, the 3rd generation of Thompson’s run the business, diversifying from the fishing industry into a processing factory and eventually delving into tourism which lead us to our incredible venue today.
  • Lobster shack are the most sustainable lobster industry in the world; implementing a quota management system in 2009.
  • Due to the strict rules and regulations there fishermen must follow and because they have a vast amount of breeding stock in the ocean, their industry is incredibly viable for the future.
  • The care and consideration they show towards these creatures from the start of the process to the end is truly unmatched and is how we’re able to provide such a high-quality product.
  • Lobster Shack, Cervantes is located just a short 20 minute drive from the world renowned natural tourist attraction, the Pinnacles Desert.

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