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Wine Tip

Story: Wine Tip
Episode: Episode 7
Presenter: Erin Larkin
Air Date: 29th May 2022

Signature Cone Bay Barramundi + Larry Cherubino Laissez Faire.

  • Cone Bay is right up in the northern reaches of this great state.
  • Barramundi, was a fish to represent WA.
  • Barramundi is fleshy, white, rich and amenable to a plethora of different flavors.
  • Erin has chosen this wine from Larry Cherubino, it's the laissez faire.
  • It’s great because it's bright, spicy and textural, it is littered with salty acidity and white stone fruit, and it gives this fish all the space it needs.
  • The best wine and food pairings are the ones which make each other better.
  • The richness of the fish is tempered and balanced by the crunchy dry white, and similarly, the exotic spice and fine texture are amplified by this dish.