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Our Southern Forests & Valleys: Manjimup #1

Story: Our Southern Forests & Valleys: Manjimup #1
Episode: Episode 9
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 12th June 2022

Manjimup, birthplace of the Pink Lady (John Cripps – nearly 50 years ago) and Bravo apples and home to the two biggest Apple.

  • Manjimup produces 50% of WA’s apple production and is home to two of the state's largest apple orchards.
  • Newton Orchards is a family owned and run orchard that have been growing apples in the manjimup region for nearly one hundred years and they are one of the most trusted fruit growers in WA
  • Pemberton Avocados- 40 years of Avocados.
  • Tamarillos, Finger limes, Passionfruit, and Feijoas, gourmet.
  • Amazing nature - HeartBreak Trail, Cascades, Beedelup Falls.

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