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Wine Appreciation: Carmel Distillery Coffee Vodka

Story: Wine Appreciation: Carmel Distillery Coffee Vodka
Episode: 7
Presenter: Scott Bridger
Air Date: 20th November 2022

Scott Bridger sips on a very unique beverage combining two of life’s greatest pleasures; coffee and vodka!

  • Vodka can be made from a variety of base materials, but at Carmel Distillery they are using grapes from a local winery. The less desirable press fractions from Myattsfield are processed with the remaining alcohol from the wine rescued before its double distilled then filtered to make their classic vodka.
  • The resulting grape spirit has a delicious sweetness to it!
  • Locally roasted coffee from Carmel Coffee roasters is sourced, and this is then loaded into the column of a still so that it can infuse into the neutral spirit as it's distilled.
  • Traditionally food suggestions would include smoked fish or meat but Scott recommends a nice beetroot salad and some Bookara Goats Curd or simply enjoy the vodka in a tall glass with ice and cola!

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