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Trout Fishing

Episode: 2
Broadcast: 20th June
Presenter: Don Hancey

Don heads to the Southern Forest region to catch some of the most delicious rainbow trout coming out of WA.

  • Rainbow Trout are a highly regarded game fish and are a popular target for fly fishers and anglers.
  • Rainbow Trout is a popular cuisine, having a tender flesh and a mild, nutty flavour. Wild rainbow trout are known to have a more stronger and gamier taste than farmed fish.
  • Farmed rainbow trout are considered one of the safest fish to eat; they’re noted for their high levels in vitamin B.
  • Rainbow Trout can be cooked as soon as they’re cleaned, they don’t require scaling, skinning or filleting. Cooking rainbow trout with their skin on tends to hold the meat together better.