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Chaceon Deep Sea Crabs

Episode: 6
Broadcast: 25th July 2015
Presenter: Don Hancey
Don teams up with Chaceon to catch deepsea Crystal Crabs off Carnarvon.

  • Chaceon Albus, more commonly known as Crystal Crabs, are a unique species that are caught in depths greater than 500m which gives them their distinctive white colour due to lack of light.
  • The cold and pristine water at such depths are what produces crabs of exceptional flavour, earning their reputation internationally despite only fished since 1998.
  • Over two days, the crews set and pull 850 pots, laid out in four-mile long lines consisting of 160 pot seach. Once on board, the claws are tied and the crabs are kept live in the hull,until unloaded onto the docks.
  • Chaceon prides itself in providing premium live seafood that’s sourced responsibly from the ocean.

Contact: Chaceon – 0429 643 391