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Prepare Produce Provide

Segment: Prepare Produce Provide
Episode: S3E3
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 24th November 2019

Caroline visits her old school Governor Stirling, to learn about Prepare Produce Provide, a non-profit organisation that wears many hats within the WA food community.

  • Prepare Produce Provide are creating vocational pathways for young indigenous students, improving food and security for the homeless and contributing to the no-waste food redistribution program.
  • Jenny Laker has been working as a home-ec teacher for over 30 years. She works tirelessly, along with her other board members, teachers and chefs, to give her students the best opportunities for their future.
  • The young indigenous students are preparing for Kinjarling Djinda Ngardak. This is a gathering of indigenous students from all over the state, coming together with their own culture, food and preparation ideas to do masterclasses for a week. They then prepare a gala evening to show and demonstrate their skills.
  • They spend time out on country with elders – there is a full week of foraging, going from paddock to plate to meet the producers.
  • The company’s passionate teachers give the students a good grounding of their own culture, and the skills they need to work in kitchens.
  • They work with a lot of indigenous ingredients, such as emu egg yolk, giving them a sense of pride in their community.
  • These kids are the next generation of cooking, able to highlight the native ingredients.
  • The ingredients are sustainable, healthy and delicious, and the young cooks have the opportunity to put them in the spotlight, making us think about where they come from.