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Mandurah Mullet

Segment: Mandurah Mullet
Episode: S3E5
Presenter: Peter Manifis
Air Date: 8thDecember 2019

  • The Mandurah area and Peel Inlet cover and area twice the size of Sydney Harbour and are regarded as one of Australia’s most spectacular playgrounds for boating, fishing and wildlife watching.
  • This area is well known for its blue swimmer crabs, but today it’s the less known Mandurah mullet on the menu.
  • The company has been here for over five generations. Mullet has regained more popularity now because of its texture, its taste and the way it’s handled. The MSC certification also ensures it’s a sustainable fishing practice.
  • Marine Stewardship Council is the most recognised fishing eco label in the world and it’s scientifically independently tested. It’s done with both the recreational and the commercial sector.
  • Bellbuoy Seafoods fish to order and just serve the Perth area. There’s zero by catch when fishing this way as target fishing is sustainable fishing. It’s freshly caught and great also as sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce.
  • You don’t get much fresher than this: caught today and on the restaurant plate by tonight. Next time you are out and you see Mandurah mullet on the menu give it a go, you are eating sustainable seafood caught by local WA fishermen.