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Market City

Story: Market City
Episode: 1
Presenter: Georgia Moore
Air Date: 22 August 2021

Our State on a Plate features so many delicious recipes cooked by renowned chefs, most of which use locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Georgia Moore discovers where the fresh food comes from.

  • Perth Markets is the central hub for fruit and vegetable distribution in WA. More than 73% of fruit and vegetables consumed in WA come from within WA.
  • Extensive work goes into keeping the produce fresh from the moment it’s picked up from the farm to the time it hits the market floor.
  • Produce can be picked one day, delivered to the markets that night, sold in the morning and on the supermarket shelf, or in the hands of a chef by lunchtime.
  • Wholesalers like QPI are helping new growers and products like Kimberley Asparagus get into the Market.

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