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Co-op Dining Smoked Red Fin Perch

Episode: 6
Broadcast: 25th July 2015
Presenter:  Kiren Mainwaring
Kiren uses foraged herbs to create a dish at Co-op Dining.

Smoked Red Fin Perch with Forested Herbs & Kombucha Dressing:

For the fish - Ingredients:
- 4 skinless fillet of red fin perch.
- Natural bark sawdust
- ½ cup of nettle juice
- ½ cup of live kombucha
- Sea salt

Foraged herbs - Ingredients:
- Stinging nettle
- Nistursion
- Wood Sorrel
- Wild Radish

Nettle and kombucha dressing:
- ¼ cup of kombucha
- ¼ cup of nettle juice
- 1 Cup of good egg mayonnaise

Roast Chicken Skin:
- 4 pieces of chicken skin

1) Marinate the perch in the kombucha and nettle juice overnight in a fridge.
2) Set up the smoker with the bark and smoke the fish for about 15 minutes, season and thinly slice.

For the dressing:
Stir the nettle juice and kombucha through the mayo and set aside.

Chicken skin:
1) Season the skin between two pieces of baking paper, then place on a baking tray with another on top to keep the skin flat.
2) Roast in an oven pre heated to 220C for about 12 – 15 minutes, or until the skin is crisp.
3) Set aside for the dish.

- Arrange the perch slices, garnish with the foraged herbs, drizzle the dressing and crumble the chicken over the top.

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